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Ask us about testing for your Yacht Crew. We are recommended by the Association of Bahamas Marinas.
Now also testing and consulting for Events of all sizes. Ask us for a customized plan to help keep your event safe!

COVID-19 has changed our world in many ways. Our day-to-day decisions are evermore focused on keeping ourselves, our families, and our businesses healthy. The CDC has created guidelines to help prevent the spread of disease and keep us safe. 

We want to help keep you safe. We are frontline Emergency Providers with experience taking care of COVID-19 patients on a daily basis, since the pandemic began. 

We provide on-site testing for COVID-19 through PCR testing (sputum collection or nasal/oral swabs), as well a Rapid Antigen testing. Result times are rapid ranging from 15 minutes to 48 hours. We have extensive experience working with small to large groups, event planners, yacht industry, travel industry, schools and executive testing. We will carefully guide you throughout the process and help create and healthy and safe atmosphere for you.


Starting a new school year can be frightening. Having to start a new school year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic is unimaginable to many. 

Let our medical experts help you create a healthy school campus by testing your students and staff. We will come to your location and perform COVID-19 testing with results typically in 24-36 hours. 

Using our Telehealth platform, your families and staff can fill out a COVID-19 screening form and submit their insurance cards. Families and staff can sign a waiver, so we can deliver results directly to the school administration. 

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Nothing is more important than maintaining a healthy and safe environment at your workplace in order to keep your business running. We work with small and large businesses across the spectrum to help keep COVID-19 out of the workplace. 

We will come to your location and develop a testing protocol for your employees. Results are typically available in 24-36 hours.  Using our Telehealth platform, your employees can fill out a COVID-19 screening form and sign a waiver, so your HR director can receive the results. 


Living at home with your loved ones and feeling ill can be scary especially during the pandemic. Let us help you by coming to your home or desired location to test you for COVID-19. We offer telemedicine visits for evaluation and management for $300 and can submit to your insurance, as well. If you have travel plans and need a test before your travel with quick turn around, we can manage that too!

We have both sputum and nasal/oral swabs available and can typically deliver results in 24-36 hours. Using our Telehealth platform, you can fill out a COVID-19 screening form and set up an appointment with one of our experts at your convenience. We will deliver the results directly to  you. 

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Individual Test Pricing

PCR $200 

PCR 4Plex (SARS-COV-2, RSV, Influenza A/B) $350


Rapid antigen $150 


Antibody $75

Telemedicine visit $180


For any questions regarding pricing, please contact us using the link below.