COVID-19 has changed our world in many ways. Planning for events can certainly be stressful on all fronts. Adding in COVID-19 certainly doesn't make it easier. 


Blue Med Consultants has the solution for you. Offload the stress of keeping your clients, family or friends at ease to create a healthy and safe event, and allow us to take on that responsibility. We are front-line Emergency Providers taking care of COVID-19 patients on a regular basis. We have experience in developing safety protocols on both small and large scale. We've worked with camps, Houses of Worship, schools, and catering venues. 

We will meet with you in advance to carefully understand your needs and develop a customized plan for your event. 

Our services include:

  • Onsite COVID-19 testing with SMS based entry

  • Availability of onsite medical provider 

  • Development of customized plan for a healthy and safe event

  • Advise on isolation, quarantine, and contact tracing protocols in accordance with CDC guidelines in the event of a positive test